Warehouse & Logistics ICT

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

I. Available modules:
  1. MACS wms
  2. Small Business MACSwms
  3. Radio Frequency MCSwms
  4. Voice MCSwms
  5. eCommerce Solutions
  6. Bond Management Solution
  7. International Aid Solution
  8. Multi-language Solution
  9. System Integration
  10. Purchase Order
  11. Vehicle Loading Planning
  12. Dashboard Reporting
II. What is MACSwms?

This exceptional wms software will transform your warehouse environment by playing an integral role in the control and management of your stock and data.
MACSwms will easily interface with your existing systems and – by streamlining manual processes and reducing errors – will increase efficiency and productivity and to you an immediate return on investment. 

III. Proven Return on Investment

  • Optimum use of space - stock is stored efficiently and instantly located in the warehouse
  • Reduction in local knowledge
  • Improved order fulfillment rates
  • Increased pick accuracy by greater control over date / route / wave etc.
  • Reduced ‘stock-outs and obsolete stock
  • Increased stock turn
  • Minimized stock handling through optimized dynamic pick faces and cross-docking
  • Total visibility and reporting on stock at full pallet, carton and sub carton level
  • Reduced inventory – accurate information permits lower safety stock levels
  • Full audit trail
  • PI (perpetual inventory) module
  • Better customer service
  • Greater management control
  • Improved reporting and professionalism
  • A system that will support company growth with ‘bolt-on’ modules
  • Worldwide installations with multi-lingual options
  • A system that will interface with existing and future systems
  • Comprehensive system development program to maintain and enhance product
  • Marketing tool for existing and new business
  • Multi warehouse site operation
Warehouse & Logistics ICT