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Our Offering:

  • Waste management can be a real challenge for any business so it is important to find a solution that manages as many waste streams as possible effectively as possible. Out incinerator range uses triple burn technology to reduce most waste volumes by 90% leaving inert ash that can be safely disposed of.
  • The incineration unit we offer is a proven small scale waste-to-energy technology capable of processing approximately 200kg/hr (or around 1,500 tonnes per annum) of waste – the capacity will ultimately vary on the waste type being processed. The technology is based on a pyrolysis, gasification, and high temperature oxidation process which is capable of destroying many different types of waste, including clinical, pharmaceutical and plastics which other technologies are not able to manage. Its size allows the destruction of waste at source and as a result not only greatly reduces costs of waste removal, but also prevents the need for landfill, reduces vehicle movements and recovers heat back to the facility to which it is attached.
Warehouse & Logistics ICT