Warehouse & Logistics ICT

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  • MACS Training

Our warehouse management system is not only rich in functionality but easy to use. Providing you with real time high quality reports and allows you to network more than one facility. Our training follows the usual warehouse processes of receiving, inventory management and distribution. Also other functionalities can be added, such as procurement modules and journey planning. We create several super users in your team to allow them to become the trainers,, allowing you to train more of your operators as you need to without incurring further training costs.

  • Procurement Training

Provide your procurement team with high quality training allowing them to buy the materials you need smarter, faster and cheaper.

  • Warehouse Management Training

Providing your warehouse team with the skills needed to ensure your warehouse performs to the optimum level using tried and tested best practice processes.

  • Forecasting Training

It is critical you know what to buy, in what quantities and when to have it delivered this process needs you to understand how your customers purchases from you, how fast a supplier can react and the facilities you have to manage supplies.

  • QC and QM Training

Quality Control (QC) and Quality Management (QM) are essential for your supply chain. Whether your business makes products to sell or buys products to sell (or both) it is critical you have an efficient Quality function to ensure product quality is to your exacting standards before you sell to your customers.

  • SOP Training

SOPs are critical to any organization, therefore it is important that they are developed and written to ensure their effectiveness. The training follows the steps in developing SOPs as well as how to train relevant personnel on their contents. Also to ensure there are regular reviews making sure that the SOPs are relevant and still effective.

Warehouse & Logistics ICT