Warehouse & Logistics ICT

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Logistics Consulting

  • Interim management

Providing high caliber managers to support your operation whilst you restructure, recruit or grow. These professionals will hit the ground running and will have an immediate impact on your business, ensuring you company continues to operate at the highest level.

  • Process Review

A highly professional, logical and independent review of all your operational processes allowing you re remove non-value adding steps, duplicated transactions and cumbersome organizational structures. This review allows you to see your core business processes and can identify where outsourcing would be of benefit to your business.

  • SOP Development

Creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) gives you the knowledge that your operational team will follow the agreed processes exactly the same every time. Allowing process to be lean and to ensure errors or extra costs are eliminated in your operation.

  • Building and Facility Assessments

An independent professional review of your infrastructure will allow you to see where cost savings can be made, and restructuring can be accomplished. Resulting in the reduction is depots you have, or the amount of stock you need to hold as well as looking at the best strategic location for your business as well as providing insight into how to improve physical process flow.

  • Warehouse Design

Not all warehouses are equal and many are poorly designed by professionals who understand buildings but not warehousing. Our team can provide you with the key elements needed to ensure you have an efficient warehouse and allowing each cubic meter to work for you.

  • Supply Chain Optimization

Providing a full upstream and down-steam of your supply-chain will allow you to identify areas for cost saving, and operational efficiencies. The supply chain starts and ends with your customers and includes your suppliers, your operational teams and your customer’s needs. Understanding your complete supply chain is the start of fully understand how your business is performing and how it can improve.

Warehouse & Logistics ICT